Line and Spot Lasers

The Z Lasers™ represent a compact design of line, spot and circular pattern lasers which are designed for industrial use. The laser diodes, collimating optics and the electronics are completely housed in a strong cylindrical case.

They come in both red and green colors.

Z Lasers™


Scanning laser technology

1meclab 1extruline 

We offer a complete line of single and dual axis laser micrometers for both bench top and in-line applications. In-line applications include mounted on grinders, extruders, wire drawing machines, with robotic integration and on other equipment.

geometric laser technology

geo1 geo2

The geometric laser technology enables the measurement of displacement, thickness, width, length, and profile.



The world's first contact-less and high accuracy hand held optical micrometer is now available to check wire, cables and other similar products right in-line.