Some typical product applications are described below. We offer other turnkey systems utilizing the two core technologies of geometric laser and scanning laser.

The Extrusion Process

We offer as complete line of rugged laser micrometers and accessories for the extrusion process called the Extruline Series. Both single axis and dual axis laser micrometers are available. Our systems include basic monitoring, process regulation and statistical analysis. Single axis laser micrometers can measure parts up to 8.15" in diameter, while dual axis laser micrometers can measure parts up to 3.07" in diameter.

In-process thickness and distance measurements

For boards, fiberboards and plasterboards we offer turn key systems to measure thickness, width, edge and edge and thickness profiles. The measurements are made right on the transport mechanism. All the measurements are processed by the system's PC. Results are tabulated and graphed for easy operator analysis. All parameters including edge, width and thickness tolerances can be used for alarm conditions.

The Centerless Grinding Process

For the centerless grinding process, we offer a complete line of single axis laser micrometers including the appropriate part cleaning fixtures and part transport mechanisms. The systems include basic monitoring, automatic grinder regulation and statistical analysis. Parts with up to 10 different diameters and up to 3.07" in diameter can be measured. The parts can be separated or can be pushing parts past the laser gauge.

Scanning laser technology

1meclab 1extruline 

We offer a complete line of single and dual axis laser micrometers for both bench top and in-line applications. In-line applications include mounted on grinders, extruders, wire drawing machines, with robotic integration and on other equipment.

geometric laser technology

geo1 geo2

The geometric laser technology enables the measurement of displacement, thickness, width, length, and profile.



The world's first contact-less and high accuracy hand held optical micrometer is now available to check wire, cables and other similar products right in-line.